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A Porsche TV show, which is a concept car with the Concept of Verse, a Porsche Concept E concept.In fact, BEV is the first of its kind, and currently the vehicles on the market are PHEV.The concept is pretty bold, and it charges up to 80 % in 15 minutes using the 800 V charging system (not existing in the existing charging infrastructure).The current rapid charging infrastructure in the world is about 400 to 500 V, but it doesn’t seem to be able to charge fast enough to charge at 800 V, but it doesn’t really seem to be charging fast.Battery charging speeds are determined by internal chemical substances called chemistries, which are 200 V or 800 V, but the speed is not changed.In other words, the concept E is ” a vehicle that propels a new battery of technologies that are not yet maximized, ” which is a highly ambitious announcement. Porchepana Mehra S-hybrid Porchepana Mara 4-hybride The current Porsche PHEV hybrid features a Panamara 4- E hybrid, Panamara turbo S hybrid, and a Cayen S-HY hybrid.Panamara is a 4-passenger large sports sedan, with five passengers aboard.Oh, look, it’s like a lineamp.Yes, Tesla’s model S is said to be competing with Pana Mera, and model X is designed to compete with the competition model of Kaien. Panamera is a 14.1-kilometer battery powered by a 14.1kh battery, while Cayen is a 10.8-kilometer battery with a 10.8kW battery and a minimum EV cruising distance.Both are sports cars, so it’s hard to weigh the weight of the batteries, so you’ll probably need to keep them in the smallest possible capacity, so you can probably keep them in the smallest possible way.Pana Mara, formerly called Pana Mara S, has a PHEV in the car name, and the battery capacity at that time is 9.4 kWh, so the battery capacity has increased by 50 %, and it is thought that the battery has a strong appeal for sports performance. These three types of cars are not compatible with quick charging.If you want a Porsche SPEV wan na be a Porsche racer, you’d want to use a one-way car that wants to eliminate CO2 emissions, and there’s a similar name, ” Panamara S Hybrid ” and ” Cayen S Hybrid. “These are hybrid vehicles, not PHEV.Since the hybrid model seems to have become a disconnector, it is likely to focus on PHEV and BEV.Porsche


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